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# 12 Todos tenemos un Tangamandapio - Yes, we've all got one

Jaimito + El Chavo

A veces me siento como Jaimito El Cartero.
Especialmente cuando me preguntan de dónde soy y me acuerdo de mi tierra natal. Luego me acuerdo de Jaimito, con los ojos perdidos de  nostalgia. ¡Ah! Suspiraba Jaimito, cuando recordaba su hogar, Tangamandapio.
Lo chistoso es que el síndrome de Jaimito es contagioso, porque cuando respondo, la persona que me escucha pone la misma cara. Yo me imagino que igual le vienen los recuerdos felices de su propio Tangamandapio.
Sí, todos (mexicanos o no), tenemos un Tangamandapio, un hermoso lugar con (o sin) crepúsculos arrebolados, como diría Jaimito. ¿Cuál es tu Tangamandapio?
P.D. Jaimito El Cartero, personaje entrañable del Chavo del Ocho, tiene una estatua en Tangamandapio, Michoacán. Fotos de AQUÍ

Tangamandapio, Michoacán

El Chavo del Ocho is perhaps one of Mexico's most beloved TV shows of all times, both at home and abroad. It was HUGE in all of Latin America.
One of the characters was an elderly mailman known as Jaimito. Well, Jaimito was always longing for his hometown aka Tangamandapio. 
Whenever Jaimito thought about this place his eyes looked faraway into his memories. 
Turns out I find myself looking just like Jaimito when someone asks where I am from.
The funny thing is that I am not alone and this "Jaimito syndrome" might be contagious. 
Yep, I've seen that expression plenty of times, whenever anyone (Mexican or not) thinks about his/her hometown.
Yes, we all seem to have our own Tangamandapio, a beautiful, dreamy place we long for. Just like Jaimito.
Which is yours?

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